Birddog Distributing Rope Lighting

Birddog Distributing Rope Lighting being the best rope line section online fully understands that flexibility is one of most important qualities, particularly when we are talking about accent lighting. With our rope lights it is much easier to include this kind of lighting to areas that are usually impossible to reach, such as inside display cases, beneath the cabinets as well as below the patio stepladders.

Our string lights are exciting and playful to use and when not in use you can simply coil them up and store them safely somewhere.

As the best rope line section online we know and can also recommend where cove and rope lighting work optimally, for example if you want to add accent lighting to bring out the decoration next to the ceiling or below the patio stepladders for greater ambiance and safety, you should consider Birddog LED rope lights.


Our rope lights have longer lives. This then means that you will not be changing your bulbs frequently and also important because these spots are always difficult to reach. Therefore, our rope lighting ultimately saves you money and trouble of fixing them in hidden and far-reach spots.

Our rope lights are great for kick lighting particularly around the club due to their safety features and the characteristic look. When checking out for the best rope line selection online, make sure they also have the required accessories and fittings needed for the cove and rope lighting to work at optimum level.

At Birddog Distributing Rope Lighting we offer variety of rope lights and they are grouped under different categories for instance, under counter lighting and under cabinet lighting, for easier selection of chain and individual lighting. Under counter and under cabinet lights are ideal for adding accent lighting to your desk spaces and kitchen. And in case you want to transform your patio, put some shining impression with deck lighting and path lights available at our online stores.


The Basics and Why SEO Matters

You’ve probably heard about SEO in one way or another, an SEO firm might have even contacted you asking you to avail of their services. Let’s explain it in some simple terms.

So what exactly is SEO?
Have you ever wondered how the first page results on Google got there? The answer is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process to make your website stand out more in search engines such as Google. It’s all about trying to rank high primarily in Google when a certain keyword is searched. Whenever you search something in Google the first results in the page are the results of a successful SEO.

Okay so what benefits does being in the first page of Google does?
A lot. For one you’ll have an endless source of focused traffic. Moreover, these traffic have no monthly cost like advertising. Even better is that Hubspot published their research[1] and the result is that SEO is the most converting out of all their traffic sources. The result isn’t surprising if you think about for a moment. Unlike advertising or traditional form of audience seeking, traffic from SEO is laser focused. Only people that searched for and as a result is interested in your product or services will see it. 

But before you run, a word of warning.
There are a lot of people in the internet that are advertising SEO services but very few delivers the result you want. SEO is an ever changing field and requires a massive amount of knowledge and expertise to pull it off properly. While a good SEO is beneficial to your business, a bad SEO is equally disastrous. Hiring someone that’s using an improper SEO method can get your website banned from Google. Chances are that $5 guy you find on fiverr espousing SEO services is using an improper method. So take care. If you don’t want to take a chance only pick from tried and tested SEO firms like caseo.ca.