Why Do You Need To Contact ESA?

contact-usTo speak to the esa customer service officer you must know the esa contact number. Generally, anyone calls to the ESA office to check their existing claims or details of the new claim. You can contact the ESA office on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. ESA is a UK benefit program that offers financial support to the disabled people who cannot continue their job because of their illness. It is also helpful for the employees who have the ability to work in industries.

The benefits of ESA are divided into two types. It is Contribution based ESA and Income related ESA.

If you belong to a work related activity group then you come under contribution based ESA which is valid for one year. Then you can extend the benefits for next twelve weeks from the date of contribution based ESA completes. If you want to eligible for this benefit again then you must fulfill any one of the below two conditions.

The first one is your health is affected badly and you come under Support group. The National Insurance contributions that you have forfeited in the previous two to three full tax years. Once you become a member of the Support group, you can claim Contribution based ESA for several times. When you are generating low income in non-governmental jobs then you can claim Income based ESA. The claim amount varies based on the severity of your illness. The advantage in income related ESA is there is no maximum limit on claim amount.

There are multiple numbers available in online to contact ESA customer services team, ESA textphone number, and separate number to get their support in the Welsh language. You can dial the number based on your requirement on Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. You can get the help of the customer service team for making a new claim or to clarify your doubt in the existing claim.

You should speak to the Jobcentre Plus advisor when you want to claim a financial hardship payment. The contact number of Jobcentre Plus customer services adviser is different from the ESA contact number. The Jobcentre Plus advisor contact number is 0345 608 8545. To contact the textphone number you must dial, 0345 608 8551.

You are eligible to claim basic ESA money for thirteen weeks through ESA once the employer rejected you from work stating as unfit for work. After the completion of thirteen weeks, you are assigned to any one of the two groups in ESA to receive the allowances.

The simple method to claim ESA is speaking to the professionals working in their customer service team. You must dial a direct number that connects you directly to the customer service team. When enquiring through phone you must make sure to possess the documents including your medical certificate, mobile and home phone number, bank account details, national insurance number. If you have a mortgage then you must provide the details of the mortgage, your GP address and phone number. Are you availing sick pay amount? Then share the details too.

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